Altex Meat Rabbits

Altex rabbits are a large-sized rabbit breed (adults weigh 10-15 pounds , with the does being heavier) that was first developed as a sire rabbit in 1986 at Alabama A&M University and later at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. It was bred from New Zealand White, Champagne d’ Argent, and Californian rabbits. The Altex was genetically selected for heavy 70 – 90 day market weights for over 20 generations. Color markings are that of a Californian but Altex generally weigh more.

The Altex is not meant to be the sole rabbit breed in a meat rabbit producer’s rabbitry.

The Altex’s main strength shows when they are crossbred, producing rabbits that have faster weight gain. This creates a more efficient performance and ultimately greater profits from the herd.  Altex/New Zealand White crossbred fryers typically reach market weight a week earlier than purebred New Zealand White fryers.  We cross the Altex buck to a New Zealand White crossbred doe or a pure New Zealand doe.

Breeders for Altex rabbits can be hard to find, but if you are lucky enough to be within driving distance of one, it could dramatically boost your production levels.